October 2019 knitting and crochet workshop with Carol Meldrum

October 2019 knitting and crochet workshop with Carol Meldrum

We have just come to the end of another lovely week with Carol Meldrum. The workshop was based on accessories, with an option to knit or crochet or combine the two. 
We started the week with a trip to the Brocante in Cognac, it was a wet morning with torrential rain so the stalls inside were doing a roaring trade. There was a lot of vintage linen and lace 


Some gorgeous old prints and mapsIMG_6250JPG

wooden butter pressesIMG_6251JPG

and some lovely old gates
In the afternoon Carol started the workshop. She has brought along a huge selection of projects, the most popular choices were two knit and crochet shawls. 

1 carol workshopjpg

We had another full day workshop on Monday, with a lot of progress made on projects.
On Tuesday we went back to Cognac for a visit to My little Mailles for yarn shopping. Carol with her happy face.


and a wander around the town for a bit of window shoppingIMG_6254JPGIMG_6255JPG
On Wednesday morning we went to the market in St Jean d'Angely for a bit of colour inspiration. The stalls are brimming with gorgeous squash and pumpkins.

And a trip to the fabric and yarn shopsIMG_6258JPGIMG_6260JPG

Then on for more retail therapy in some of the lovely shops in the townIMG_6261JPG

finishing at Amalgame - everyone's favourite stopIMG_6265JPGIMG_6266JPG
On Thursday my craft group came along to join us, so with a total of 15 workshop participants Carol had her hands full
As they were only there for one afternoon they all opted for the fairisle or lace cuffs


On Friday the pressure was on to finish projects = we had two completed knit and crochet shawls out blocking in the sun and one very nearly finished, plus some hats, mitts and slipper socks.
and one crochet cable mittIMG_6271JPG2 carol projectjpg3 carol projectjpg4 Carol projectjpg5 carol projectjpg6 Carol projectjpg7 Carol projectjpg8 Carol projectjpg9 Carol projectjpg10 Carol projectjpg11 Carol projectjpg12 Carol projectjpg13 Carol projectjpg14 Carol projectjpg15 Carol projectjpg16 Carol projectjpg17 Carol projectjpg