Early June knitting and crochet retreat

Early June knitting and crochet retreat

We started this week with gale force winds the day before everyone arrived, which flattened the garden and turned the swimming pool green. It also had a bit of a knock on effect on flights the next day, causing all the Easyjet flights to be 20 minutes late, but by 11pm the last guest was safely installed.

Sunday started off wet and windy so we settled down for a day of working on projects, by mid afternoon the clouds had disappeared and everyone was basking in hot sunshine.

We have a mix of projects on the go, lots of shawls some knitted and some crochet, a lacy waistcoat and some baby knits.

Monday was a public holiday in France, the weather started off with sunshine and turned into a blustery, cool day. So we opted for another day at home.

On Tuesday afternoon I took some of the group in to Cognac for a yarn shop fix at My little Mailles
where between us we spent lots of money!




On Wednesday the weather was still not good, in the morning I took just 3 of the group in to St Jean d'Angely. We were lucky and managed a quick walk around the market and a visit to the two yarn shops without getting a soaking.




In the afternoon most of the group braved the elements for a walk in to Brizambourg for coffee & cakes at the patisserie and a bit of shopping.
On Thursday we made a trip to Saintes in the morning for more yarn and fabric shopping and a bit of sightseeing, then an afternoon in the sun.

The beautiful flower beds outside the Palais de Justice in Saintes


And here is what everyone achieved during the week




And a wonderful bonus for me - Nina volunteered to tackle my weeding when she wasn't busy knitting, so with a bit of help from Julia they transformed my flower beds! Perhaps I should change to 'Knitting and weeding holidays in France'.....