A taste of tartan workshop

A taste of tartan workshop

It has been a wonderful week of workshops, I am so grateful to Wendy, Heather and Katrin for making the effort to get here and of course to Carol for being her usual happy and enthusiastic self, it was great to see them all again. Also a huge thank you to the day girls Annabelle, Jane and Marion who came along every day to boost the numbers. 

We also had Annabelle's latest soft toy creations to keep us company........


On the last day Jane recited her wonderful summary of the week -

Sept 2021, Highland Fling

Good luck to Carol with her patient smiling face

Great chieftan of the knitting race

Above them all you take your place

Square, check or stripe

Well you are worthy of this praise

and no this is not hype


The keen knitters see their plan

Intarsia, mosaic, check and tartan

Their wool and needles poised to click

In time of need

Carol rushes to encourage and tick

so they succeed


Wendy - I’m working on it, but may need to sleep

Annabelle - it’s not perfect...but look at those sheep

Katrin - sampling and resampling with colours so bright

Marion - mastering Brioche at first try

Heather - Carol..why is it not right?

Jane - listening in and getting by!


Oh , I cannot finish this address

Without reference to the (Covid) test process

Says Wendy, “we just want to go home”

Katrin calm and clear

and Heather “I’m not moving till it’s done”

Whew won’t have to stay until next year!!


To our hosts our heartfelt thanks

A smoothly running machine with no (visible) clanks

Excellent food and care, pool and gin services, and dog sitting

A truly relaxing environment

Allowing us to concentrate on our crochet and knitting

What a great event.


Key phrases to take with us

Resist the temptation to yarn over

Read the Instructions

FFS – finally finished something

Brioche – bark, burp, belch and fart

Too many trebles

Here are a few pictures Carol and I took on our early morning rambles around the countryside


wanderings 4jpg


wanderings 3jpg