A day out in Bordeaux

A day out in Bordeaux

Saturday was departure day from the crochet workshop with Janie Crow. The transfers to Bordeaux are always a pain, so as one of the guests had an early flight which meant a 6.30am start, Jane and Andy opted to come with me to drop her off so that we could spend the day in Bordeaux until their afternoon flight. And what a lovely time we had! We started with coffee and croissant to wake ourselves up and then a bit of exploring until the shops opened. A walk down to the Place de la Victoire to see the wonky tower and the lovely bronze tortoises.


Then on to the incredible Basilica of Saint-Michel. This amazing gothic style church has soaring ceilings, beautiful painted pillars and some stunning stained glass windows. A mass of inspiration.



Time for another coffee and a bit of people watching, then a browse in the fantastic book shop. Finally a trip out to the Submarine Base for the Venice and Sorolla exhibition (yes it is the third time I have been to this exhibition but I just love it!) The submarine base is a sinister structure made from reinforced concrete and was created to house German U Boats during World War II. Built by Spanish and Portuguese POW's, many who perished during the construction it definitely has an atmosphere but it is now a fantastic venue for immersive art exhibitions.